HAIR MAYONNAISE?? | Extreme Hair Repair Mask from Beauty Care Essentials

May 18, 2018

If there's a compliment that I truly always get, it's that that I have a nice and healthy hair. And I've been very open to people when they ask me what secret I do to maintain a healthy and undamaged hair? Honest answer, I only use shampoo every other day. No conditioners, no other stuff that I think contains chemicals and might be harmful for myself. 

But this summer heat is not only getting under my skin, but also my hair. Yup, too much sun exposure and excessive heat can really damage your hair. That's why I was really excited when I got a chance to collaborate with Beauty Care Essentials. 

Beauty Care Essentials offers vital products that delivers beauty and care for your needs. And one product that they are known for is their Hair Mayonnaise.

The Beauty Care Essentials' Hair Mayonnaise is said to be a total hair repair mask treatment made from hydrolyzed egg protein and a multiple moisture compound element, ActivHydrozyl, that reconstructs dry & over-processed hair, and renews damaged strands.

You can use this to moisturize and reconstruct your dry and damaged hair. Especially if you have an over-processed hair from salon treatments and bleaching. And because I didn't want my hair get anymore damage from this weather, I took the risk of using this Hair Mayonnaise. 

The product look so much like a mayonnaise and the only thing that kept me from tasting it is how it really smelled so much like a hair conditioner. 

How To Use :

*Apply treatment mask to hair & massage thoroughly
*Leave mask on hair for 10-15 minutes for extreme conditioning
*Rinse hair thoroughly  & towel dry. Comb & Style. 

I like how really cool it feels like when it's on my hair. There's no harsh or allergic reaction happened. Just plain relaxing hair treatment. I can really tell the difference after rinsing. My hair felt smoother and I know it's healthier. I'm also not afraid of getting my hair damage because I have this. 

I definitely recommend, especially to those who are looking for a convenient way of treating your hair. You don't need to go to Salon for an extreme hair treatment. 

Here's a photo of me enjoying the sunlight exposure without thinking of damaging my hair + look how shinny my hair looked here and it's only because of the Hair Mayonnaise.

Check and follow @beautycareessentials  to get the Hair mayonnaise plus their other hair products. 

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Truly Yours,

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  1. Hi, it cost Php300, but it has a 10% discount on Lazada.

  2. Is that only for men or also for women?I have long and got dry hair since my hair hair treatment. So, I'm looking forward to find something to bring the volume and make my hair healthy again.


    i find that our blog names is quite similar. hahaha


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